Selector2GO is a feature of GSelector® but is tailored for the web. Selector2GO works on all of today’s contemporary browsers and across platforms and mobile devices. This includes most PC and Mac computers as well as the vast majority of current smart phones, tablets and e-readers, including the iPad and iPhone. The data flow is kept small to enable fast performance, even on mobile networks like 3G. Selector2GO gives you powerful core scheduling, schedule editing functionality and essential analysis details of your rotations in the palm of your hand.

RCS: We Are Mobile

A special Internet server is automatically installed along with GSelector4. After installation you can access Selector2GO by opening a VPN connection to the location of your GSelector4 Service Host machine. You can work on more than one station by clicking or tapping the down arrow for the Station field and select a station from a list of stations available in your GSelector4 database. It’s as easy as that.

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Mobile Playout Management

Zetta2GO is an application that allows the control of a Zetta Automation/Playout system from an internet browser. Using a tablet or smart phone a user can view and fire off Hot Keys® for a station, from a laptop or remote desktop a user can control much more. A Desktop Internet Browser can display Logs, Hot Keys and the Segue/Voice Track Editor allowing the user to voice track Empty Voice Track Slots in the log, edit the segue of the voice tracks and fire hot keys from a Hot Keys bank.

The Zetta2GO desktop web interface is similar in many ways to the regular Zetta application. Upon successful login to the Zetta2GO desktop web interface, the Log and Hot Keys module is displayed in a 2 pane window layout.

RCS: We Are Mobile

  • The Zetta2GO Logs pane can be used to view a day's log for a Station or Virtual Station and Voice Track Empty Voice Track Slot positions. The Log module event list in Zetta2GO is similar to the Log module in the main Zetta application.

  • The Voice Tracker® in Zetta2GO allows a user to record a voice track to an Empty Voice Track Slot in the log. The Voice Tracker is displayed by default in the simplified view. It displays three tracks, two play and one record track. The Voice Tracker® is its own editor, but is also a mode of the Segue Editor®. The Voice Tracker in Zetta2GO works similarly to the Voice Tracker in Zetta. It uses a one button voice tracking keyboard configuration.

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Aquira2GO is a browser-based application with a responsive user interface optimized to work on most modern mobile devices, tablets, and phablets. Part Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), part Sales Proposal Tool, Aquira2GO lets the Account Executive remotely access data for their clients, build a proposal with real time access to the station inventory, and present it to the advertiser, keeping them completely connected to the managers and traffic team back at the station.

Harnessing all the benefits of touch screen technology, Aquira2GO’s user friendly interface simplifies tasks, improves accuracy and productivity, allowing the Account Executive to deliver a prompt and professional service to the client. Here are just some of the things you can do with Aquira2GO:

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  • Manage your clients – Access Client information; Add Client Calls; Manage Prospects
  • Build & Submit Proposals – Add Proposals with Weekly/Monthly Spotlines with real time access to station inventory and rates; Print Proposal Confirmations for presentation to the Client; Submit Proposals to Traffic for Approval
  • Proposal Approval – Approve or Reject Proposals
  • Reporting – Print favorite reports such as Clients, Calls, Avails and Revenue
  • Secure Access – Access to data defined on a per user basis; Login safely using Windows® Authentication or Aquira Logins.
  • Translation – Translatable to languages supported by Google Translate